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Dental Decay/Cavities in Astoria

Avoiding dental decay and the cavities that result is not that difficult if you adhere to a smart strategy of preventive care and routine checkups. At Astoria Modern Family Dental, you can greatly increase the chance of your next examination at our office resulting in no cavities.

Dental decay is the outcome when plaque, the film-like bacterial substance, and its hardened version, tartar, do their dirty work by eroding your tooth structure with their acids. Plaque grows on your teeth and at the gum line. The catalyst that leads to it forming is sugar. All sugars (and starches) in your diet contribute. So if you can decrease your consumption of them, our Astoria dentist can assure you that you’re doing a favor for your teeth. Brushing when you first wake up every morning is very important. Your teeth are covered with plaque, which you can actually feel. Brush your teeth again before bed, and also floss between your teeth thoroughly at that time. This regimen succeeds in eliminating most, if not all, of the plaque. Any that manages to avoid your oral hygiene efforts eventually hardens into tartar. Besides the texture, the biggest difference between plaque and tartar is that you need our Astoria dentist to address the buildup of tartar. Teeth cleanings every six month do the job, making future dental decay and cavities less likely. At the same time, it is essential to detect any existing cavities. The more quickly they are filled, the less opportunity there is for them to grow large enough to put you at serious risk of a toothache, an infection, and the treatments necessary to deal with them.

Our Astoria dentist wants you to have strong, healthy, whole teeth, free of the decay and cavities that threaten their structural integrity. Contact our office to arrange your next visit for an examination and cleaning.

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