Toothache treatment in Astoria

Toothache Treatment in Astoria

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Emergency dentist in Astoria

Toothaches should never be ignored, no matter how mild the pain may be. While some toothaches are caused by minor issues, in some cases the root cause of toothaches can be quite serious even though they may not initially cause a lot of pain. If have a Toothache treatment in Astoria, you should see an experienced emergency dentist right away.

All toothaches have various degrees of pain but generally have the same symptoms. Toothaches symptoms can include one or all of the following: tooth pain, and/or gum pain, and sometimes mouth and jaw pain. While the symptoms that a patient experiences are basically the same, the severity and the root cause are not. There are numerous conditions that can cause toothaches. Some causes of toothaches include: cavities, gum disease, a cracked or fractured tooth, a permanent tooth that’s been knocked out, dislodged or avulsed, a cut inside the mouth or on the cheek, and TMD, which is a joint disorder of the jaw joint can present with tooth pain. Toothaches are considered a dental emergency because the root cause could potentially be serious. Being evaluated by a dental professional is the only way to determine how serious a Toothache treatment in Astoria is. For this reason, you should contact your dental office even if you have a mild one. One example of a potentially life threatening condition that causes toothaches is called an abscess. It’s an infection that’s filled with puss that’s located between the gums and the tooth. An abscess can start with minor pain that can quickly & turn into an intense, sharp, throbbing pain. It can rapidly spread to other areas of the body such as the jaw and neck & can enter the bloodstream, & could potentially lead to a life threatening blood infection known as sepsis. Because toothaches could potentially be serious even without a lot of pain, even the mild ones should never be ignored.

If you have a Toothache treatment in Astoria, contact our office immediately. We’ll get you in to see our experienced emergency dentist right away.

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